Become a TABO Agent

We are proud to be a Palestinian company. In an economy where 40% of Palestine’s GDP is accounted for by donor aid, we have established a sustainable way in which an independent private sector, publically traded, and audited Palestinian company can create hundreds of title deeds, thus protecting Palestinians land, while at the same time providing a much needed service that puts Palestinian lands into Palestinian hands – one dunum at a time. This is the essence of sustainable economic development.


Our objective is to expand ownership of land in Palestine. Land represents a Palestinian’s identity, his roots, and his proof of existence. It is his ancestry, his forefather’s legacy and children’s birthright. It is the place from which he came, and to which he shall return. TABO makes it possible for Palestinians to reclaim their legacy, reconnect with the land of their ancestors, and own a piece of the homeland, for them, for their children, and for generations to come.


We are seeking international TABO Sales Agents to join our mission. In order to become a TABO Agent, you must meet the below criteria:

1- Excellent experience in real-estate sales.

2- Excellent relations with local Palestinian community.

3- Owns an office and manages a highly skilled and competent sales team.


In return for promoting and selling TABO lands, we provide our TABO Agent with full training, marketing material support, an excellent sales commission.


For qualified candidates, please call +970-2-297-4992 or send your resume, along with your information to Please type “TABO Agent” in the subject of the email.