“TABO is perhaps the most brilliant Palestinian project I have seen. In a direct and practical manner, it touches the very core of our struggle and mends our greatest wounds - loss of land, of country, and dignity.  While all political endeavors to date have resulted in a shrinking Palestinian place, TABO expands our presence in our homeland.  It has given me an opportunity to afford the dignity of home in my ancestral homeland.  I could not be more grateful to, or more proud of, TABO! ".


Susan Abualhawa, Palestinian American writer and political commentator. She is the author of the 2012 international bestselling novel, Morning in Jenin.

Pennsylvania, USA


"After hearing a radio advertisement on local Palestinian radio, my emotions were immediately triggered and I was encouraged to own a piece of land in Palestine. This project is truly a form of real resisting against the occupation, especially if we look at the settlement construction and the illegal confiscation of land in the Palestinian territories. These confiscations occur because there are no title deeds (TABO) to prove the original owners’ right  in their land. Moreover, I was encouraged by the easy payment plan set by UCI. I can pay in the form of several payments over a certain period of time without having to pay interest. Not to mention the beauty, tranquility and quiet atmosphere surrounding the area where the land is located, away from city noise and chaos.” 


Sameh Mohammad

Ramallah, Palestine

"The TABO project is a successful investment on the long term. It is a privilege to be able to invest your money in your homeland, and to contribute in preserving your land by receiving a Title Deed “TABO” without having to sweat. This is attainable by the continuous efforts and follow-up of the team members at the Union Construction and Investment (UCI).” 


N. Ahmad

Abu Dhabi, UAE

"I am from the Gaza Strip, and currently live in Kuwait. I am really proud to own through TABO, it is an extremely credible project and a guaranteed investment for savings. For me, owning a piece of land is the most precious investment in my home country.”


Naser Kdeih

Kuwait, Kuwait

"I was invited by the Palestinian Embassy in Riyadh to attend an event organized by Union Construction and Investment (UCI) to introduce members of the Palestinian community in Saudi Arabia to the TABO project. It was truly a great event where I met the distinctive team members of the project. They are highly professional and competent, with great abilities to persuade. They explained all details of the project and presented all land plots displayed on the project’s website. The website clearly demonstrates all the information a buyer may need when purchasing land, in addition to 3D images and structural plans that take you to the heart of the location and unites you with the beauty of Palestine. This motivated me to confidently and willingly purchase an actual plot of land through TABO, without actually visiting the location. I encourage every Palestinian in the Diaspora to own a plot of land through TABO” 


Rabe' Al Souqi

Riyad, KSA