What is Tabo?

TABO presents a solution to the lack of property rights in Palestine by creating title deeds for large plots of land in the West Bank, dividing the plots into affordable one dunum (quarter-acre) parcels, extending roads and electricity, and helping Palestinians own affordable land through interest free monthly installments.

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Select your Land

Select a master plan, learn about its location, see the plots available, and go on a virtual tour as if you’re standing right there in Palestine.

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Added Services

Transform your land by planting a garden; installing a fence and gate with your name on it; or even build your dream home. All offered at cost.

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Tabo App

A Beautiful Palestine

Tabo App

A Beautiful Palestine

Tabo App Tabo App
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  • - See breathtaking photos of Palestine’s nature
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"TABO is perhaps the most brilliant Palestinian project I have seen. In a direct and practical manner,..."

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A list of detailed questions and answers about TABO.

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