Protecting Palestinian Land for Future Generations

July 5, 2017

If someone does not take charge, embrace the responsibility, and bear the economic burden of salvaging Palestinian land from the progressive threat of Israeli settlements and occupation, tomorrow’s generations of Palestinians will be landless. Having less land – a tangible asset - will hurt the Palestinian people’s economic strength and undermine their struggle for human rights. ...continue reading

TABO: an innovative response to the theft of Palestinian land

August 1, 2017

The threat posed to the Palestinian people by the fact that 70% of West Bank land is unregistered is clear. Ottoman-era law is being cynically manipulated by the Israeli occupying power to illegally appropriate vast swathes of unregistered West Bank territory. This represents merely another ugly chapter in the long and painful history of Palestinian displacement, with Israeli settlement construction and expansion being the one of largest and most enduring issues. Roughly 21% of land in the West Bank has been illegally appropriated by the government of Israel. Moreover, for Palestinians who remain in the West Bank, they are becoming squeezed ever more tightly into truncated urban centers, pushing up land prices and placing increased pressures on services and overall quality of life....continue reading